Heart #014

This heart is like #003. You have to cut two different parts. It is easier to weave if you cut the edge of the upper small strip on the part having three. After weaving you may fix the loose strips with a little glue.  


Heart #013

Heart #013 is just like #011 and #012. However, you need two different parts to get a symmetrical heart. Here the centre in the white part is cut out and also the white point is cut away.  


Heart #012

Heart #012 I think has more pleasing proportions than #011. If you can manage #011 you can weave this heart as well. The centre is punched out in the white part, the point cut away in the white. When weaving the last red strip you will realise that you have to cut “backwards” from the…


Heart #011

This heart is rather troublesome to weave. It requires quite a lot of patience. When you cut out the parts, you have to cut away the corner forming the  point in the colour (here red) that you plan for the centre. At the other part you should not cut this strip. Take care not to introduce…


Gingerbread heart

The gingerbread heart is a classic. It is one of my favourites. This was the heart that made me realise, that the strips need not be straight and that more of the surface of the heart may be integrated into the pattern. I did not find a pattern for a gingerbread heart with only two strips on…


Heart #010

A friend of mine challenged me to do a heart “woven from the side”.  It is obvious why this type of heart never gained popularity. It was hard to devise a pattern that looked acceptable at the same time having the right soft air. The heart is troublesome to weave. You must change from one colour…


Heart from Royal Hall

Recently the Danish Crown Prince’s residence palace at Amalienborg has been redecorated. In the room named “Verdensrum”  (Space) the artist, Jesper Christiansen chose to paint a woven Christmas heart. The heart is an extended version of one of the classics, and rather difficult to weave.  The small hearts should be woven one by one always…