Heart #028

This heart is much like heart #027, however the small heart piece in the blade has been extended to form a separate overlay-strip. Cut out four half-pieces, two of each kind (red and blue lines). Before you start weaving you must pair and join two different half-pieces to make a full heart piece. Now you must line up the heart pieces in the right way. There is a wrong way and a correct. You must make sure that the overlay-strips may join, i.e. where they meet the cuts must be different. When you start weaving you must consider that the overlays should also join in the right way, that is which strip it is that should go above when you start. Weaving is sort of “double”. You weave one square at a time. First you weave the massive square and then the overlay in the same way, but on the surface of the square so that you may see both overlays. It is a bit tricky. You do this for all four squares. Do not panic if everything looks a mess. If you have done everything correct it will line up nicely after weaving.  Flatten the heart and pull the strips to form the right pattern in the centre. Finally join the overlays using the cuts.

3 thoughts on “Heart #028

    • Hi Esther,
      The hearts were among the first items we made. We had not yet developed a common way of presenting the templates – that may actually be somewhat confusing. At the time we had no cutting machine and we cut everything by hand. When you cut by hand, you try to minimize the work. First you fold the paper so that there are two layers. You then transfer the templates to the paper so that the short straight symmetry lines, where the grey and red/blue lines meet, follow the crease. Then you cut along the red/blue lines – and the grey will just be cut along with these. However, do NOT cut along the lines on the crease, the two symmetrical parts must be in ONE piece. Lene

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