Heart #029

If you find that heart #028 is a bit over the top you may like this. The basic principle is the same.  You need four pieces. Two of each kind. Join two different pieces of different colour so that the overlays are on the same side. Then “double weave”. It is a bit tricky, but less troublesome than for heart #028. In this heart there is no joining of the overlays.

2 thoughts on “Heart #029

    • Thank you Mary for putting an effort into understanding. What I mean by ‘double weaving’ is that when you work with strips made up from two layers (eg. aA woven into bB) you may 1) weave as they are only one – meaning that both layers will go behind the strip you weave it into (bBaA) or 2) weave first the inner strips an then the outer (baBA). When ‘double weaving’ heart #029 will show the narrow strips on the face, they will not disappear behind the fatter you weave them into.

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