Heart #031

Making this heart you have to use various techniques including joining, weaving, and folding. First you cut out four pieces, two of each, using four different colours. Then you join the pieces two and two using the slid in the blade. Before weaving plan carefully, all squares must show the same pattern spinning around the centre. When you start weaving the negative heart must show. It may become a bit of a mess, but in the end you will be able to line up and flatten the heart. The face of the heart will now show four negative small half hearts of different colour. Now you must find the other half just below the visible strip, draw it out and join it using the slid in the visible strip. When you next fold the small half heart back a full small heart will appear. You must do this four times on each face of the heart.

The paper I used for this heart had the same colour all through. If you use glossy paper half of the small hearts will show the rear side of the paper, i.e. they will be shades of white.

2 thoughts on “Heart #031

    • Congratulations! Very good! I certainly appreciate your response. Sometimes I fear that people give up and throw everything away. Some patterns are rather difficult. If you ever run into problems I shall be more than glad to help.

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