Heart #032

If you are fond of details, you may like this  heart. It is in many ways as heart #031. First you cut out four pieces, two of each, using four different colours. Then for each piece and each side you fold back the flaps twice so that they cover the top of the square meant to show after weaving, see picture. Now you plan the weaving, line up the parts, and weave. After weaving the four flaps must show at the face of the heart. Join the heart blades, unfold the flaps and layer them so that they are spinning around the centre and all colours show. Now you join the flaps one flower blade at a time using the opposite slids. This is a bit tricky and may take some time. The small flower blades must be in front. You start where you like and work your way around the centre taking care not to crease the blades too much when joining. When you reach the last square the blades you need to join into are fixed. You must now carefully insert the larger blade into the slids next to the smaller fixed flower blade. Flatten the heart and join likewise at the other face.


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