Heart #033

I very much like swivel hearts and I try to make them as geometrically simple as possible covering the entire surface of the heart. First I thought that it was not possible to weave this heart. But it is. The pattern is based on the same philosophy as heart #032. You may convince yourself by folding back the wave to a package only covering one square. Making a first trial you may even do that. Cut out four heart pieces two of each pattern. Plan the weaving considering which squares should show. Weaving the first three squares is reasonably straight forward. You may look at the picture to get started in the right way. The last square is more tricky. You must trust that you know what you are doing, because the heart will not line up by itself. It will look like a mess and you may have to turn some of the pieces around the centre of the heart to line up the blades later to be joined. When the heart begin to look right you start hooking together the waves in the centre one by one. You may have to work a bit on one side of the heart and then turn and work on the other, go back to the first etc. In the end the heart will become flat. Now join the slids on the blades.

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