box tower

Tower Box

This box takes time to cut out, fold and glue together. But I do not think it difficult to make. Print and cut out the six pieces. Use a blunt needle or knitting-needle and a ruler to mark the edges before folding. First glue together the individual pieces using the white flaps. Then glue the…


Joined Hearts with Snowflakes

These hearts with snowflakes are made just as described for “Joined Hearts”. To make the hearts prettier glue stick the small joined heart to cover the low parts of the handles. Now the heart looks cool inside too.   And files to cut: joined heart with snow II cut ; joined heart with snow III ; snow joined heart…


Joined Hearts

You need not be an expert to make these hearts. They are fast and easy to make. You don’t have to weave, only to join. Cut out the two different pieces and join using the slids. Line up the heart parts and fix them with glue and a small piece of paper when gluing on…


Heart #037

Heart #037 is much like #034. First cut out two of each shape. Use four different colours. Cut away where indicated. Join different pieces two and two. Then weave. Weaving is not difficult but the loose flaps tend to go everywhere. Take care not to damage them.


Heart #036

For heart #036 you need to make two different heart pieces. One with stripes and one with stars. The heart piece with stripes is made joining two half heart pieces with narrow strips. Use one white and one red. To join unfold the heart pieces and place the piece with the upcoming slids in the…