Cone 007b

Cone #007

Cutting out this cone by hand is a huge task. If you venture into this project make a simpler test version first to get familiar with the weaving. This may prevent you from making mistakes and crease the delicate snowflakes when weaving. The cone is constructed like Cone #005. But I left out every second…

Cone 006 s

Cone #006

Cone #006 is constructed using the same principle as Heart #035. You cut out the four pieces and join them two and two before weaving. Weaving is just like making Cone #001.

Cone 005 a

Cone #005

This cone is partly joined, partly woven. You may find it time consuming to cut out all the parts and the cone not quite so easy to make. It was fast enough to construct the ornament and in principle everything fits, but it was a challenge to figure out, how to put it together. I…

circus tent box

Circus Tent Box

Print and cut out the six pieces. Use a blunt needle or knitting-needle and a ruler to score the edges before folding. First glue together the individual pieces using the white flaps. Then glue the pieces together using the coloured flaps. When gluing together two pieces start with every second flap of the eight flaps…

cone 004

Cone #004

This cone takes some time to cut out and to weave. See Cone #001 for instructions. It is fairly easy to make the cone but the challenge is to weave the cone beautifully. Make sure to line up and pull the strips tight when you weave. Do not weave to much before you proceed to the next strip…

Cone 003 foto

Cone #003

It is actually simpler to weave this cone than I thought. Weave as described for Cone #001. Start weaving by weaving “sets” of two wide strips in different colors. Look at the picture to get started in the right way. Then the rest of the strips nearly weave themselves. Line up carefully by pulling the…