Cone #005

This cone is partly joined, partly woven. You may find it time consuming to cut out all the parts and the cone not quite so easy to make.

It was fast enough to construct the ornament and in principle everything fits, but it was a challenge to figure out, how to put it together. I tried various methods neither gave me the perfect cone – until I decided to give up all good manners and glue stick the whole thing exactly where I wanted it before weaving and joining starts.

Do as follows. Print in 3 different colours. Cut out all the 26 parts needed for the cone. Do not cut along the red lines. Glue stick the outside of the small heart pieces (6 of each of 4 sizes) to the inside of the inner cone piece (that with the long strips) at the squares marked. The edge shall follow the red lines exactly and the smallest heart go closest to the base cone. Then form the cone and glue the base. Now you weave/join starting from the base. You weave and join hearts from every second strip. Make one set at a time going round and round. It may take some speculation to get it right. At last you form the outer base cone and join it to the small hearts lowest in the cone. This is easier (and you won’t damage the point) if you turn the cone upside down when you join. Add a handle.

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