Cone #007

Cutting out this cone by hand is a huge task. If you venture into this project make a simpler test version first to get familiar with the weaving. This may prevent you from making mistakes and crease the delicate snowflakes when weaving. The cone is constructed like Cone #005. But I left out every second snowflake. This means that before weaving you must check that the joined snowflakes will meet.

I must admit, I did not cut the pattern by hand. For Christmas Anna presented me with a cutting machine to ease the work. But off cause I had to test its potential.

2 thoughts on “Cone #007

  1. You always do such beautiful work. I am interested to know what type of machine you have and if you had a choice would you buy the same one again. Thanks so much for sharing with us all. P.

    • My cutter is a Silhouette SD, a simple non professional craft machine. It was bought last Christmas on the Internet and send to Denmark by post from Sweden. I could not find a Danish supplier and this was the only type within reach. Easy to install and mechanically it has worked fine, no problems. I might have wished for a little more guidance regarding the use, i.e. cutting pressure and speed to avoid damage to the paper, but after some time I figured out the principles. This Christmas my daughter bought a newer model, same manufacturer. I believe this one was supplied by a German company. This machine is much like mine, but able to handle a larger paper size – and it was less expensive. I am aware that there are several cutters to choose from in the US and that the prices are somewhat lower than in Europe. I am probably not the most knowledgeable person to ask but I am very fond of my cutter and so far I have had no bad experiences.

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