Cone #010

This Valentine cone is a mix of ideas. It is a development of Anna’s pattern for Cone #009 and of Carol’s inspiring suggestion in her comment. Cone #010 is rather easy to weave. Just glue down and fix the top centre of each heart as you go along.

Some may prefer -.pdf files for cutting

Pattern Cone 010 Part 1

Pattern Cone 010 Part 2

4 thoughts on “Cone #010

  1. Well, Carol! Your idea was simply too tempting and with Valentine’s day approaching I had to give it a try. But I sincerely hope you will find it interesting to design a cone or two. Fresh ideas and new perspectives are always in need.

  2. All your designs are gorgeous and fantastic. The cones, the hearts..all beautiful. Thanks a lot for sharing the ideas and designs. You are truly appreciated.
    Am off to try some of these.

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