Sphere 003

Sphere #003

This is a new application of Anna’s bubble pattern from Cone #009. I also used four colours, six strips of each.  Because of its open structure this sphere is much easier to weave than Sphere #002. You may even start using an alternative process – omitting the solid circles at the poles. First glue together…

Sphere 002

Sphere #002

This is a gingerbread version of the sphere. You cut out and weave just as described for Sphere #001. Start at the pole with the flower. When you have weaved the sphere and fixed the small triangles two and two at the other pole with a little glue, pull the strips gently so that the…

don angelo actors india

Introducing Don Angelo

After many requests for more actors in Teddy’s Theatre ensemble I am now proud to introduce DON ANGELO a Venetian actor. Here he is dressed as a Buddhist Monk, a Great Mogul, and a Snake Charmer. Print size 12% will fit an A4 theatre.