Sphere #005

If you find that weaving the poles of the closed form does not render your ornament just as crisp and regular as you would wish, this procedure may do the trick. Fix 8 strips close together to a ring piece making the curved shape at the end of the strip follow the inner edge. Gather and fix the ring. Prepare the other set of 8 strips in the same way taking care that the strips shall swirl in the opposite direction. Now place one above the other and weave. When the weaving is done fix the ends of the strips with glue. Then fix the other ring piece so that the edge forms a pattern identical to that at the other pole. Now add the small cones on top of the rings. If you want the ornament to hang remember to fit a piece of thread to the inside of a cone before you fix it to the ornament.

And a file for cutting: sphere 005 cut

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