star 001

Star #001 Woven

The pointed star is an old classic. Make a plain one from paper in your favourite colour or venture into this  woven variation. Print enough sheets to give you 2 times 5 pieces in the colours you like. Cut out, crease, and weave two by two like an ordinary heart. The narrow strips shall be…

heart garlands

Heart Garlands

These heart garlands are very simple to put together. They are however time consuming to cut out by hand. If you have a cutting machine it will do the job for you and you may produce miles of garland. I provide you with patterns for 3 different types of heart. You may choose one or…

joined 018 babushka

Joined Basket #018 Babushka

Anna and I went to Copenhagen Tivoli gardens to enjoy this years’ Christmas decorations. They were in Russian style. We admired the onion domes and loved the Babushkas. This Babushka basket is made from 6 pieces in different colours. Arrange them in two sets of three and join. You may feel like adding just a little…

joined 017 angel pattern 2

Joined Basket #017 Angel

This angel is made in the same way as the other joined baskets with 4 different colours. She is very vivid, so when you join, first join one side and then keep the 4 layers in position using a paperclip while you join the other side. You may use just a little glue along the…

joined 016 baltazar

Joined Basket #016 King Balthasar

This is the third of the three wise men. You find instructions on the pattern sheets. Do consider implementing your own colour scheme. And files for cutting: joined 016 balthasar cut 1 ; joined 016 balthasar cut 2 ; joined 016 balthasar cut 3 ; joined 016 balthasar cut 4