Joined Basket #016 King Balthasar

This is the third of the three wise men. You find instructions on the pattern sheets.

Do consider implementing your own colour scheme.

And files for cutting: joined 016 balthasar cut 1 ; joined 016 balthasar cut 2 ; joined 016 balthasar cut 3 ; joined 016 balthasar cut 4

18 thoughts on “Joined Basket #016 King Balthasar

  1. Han er lige så skøn som de to andre! Hvis jeg får tid, vil jeg prøve at lave dem; men det bliver svært uden skæremaskine.
    Jeg har faktisk en skæremaskine, men den nægter at fungere, selv med bistand fra min søn.

  2. All three are gorgeous and brilliant! First I’m going to make a set and stand them on my mantle piece. Then I’m going to make a set and figure out how to put them into a pop up card. Because that’s what I DO. 🙂

    Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

  3. hello, your creations are just beautiful! i found your site from Pinterest – I’m looking for wisemen ornament ideas. I have a Silhouette machine – can I use your patterns in there? I’m trying to understand how all the cuts overlap and work together – can you explain that a little more or show me where you might in a previous entry? Is each of the four patterns supposed to be in different colors? How does the ornament look from the side? I’d like to maybe do something like this for an ornament exchange, but it’s only two-dimensional – designs glued onto a thin wooden rectangle and then hung on a ribbon. thanks so much for your help!

  4. Erin, open the pdf in Inkscape (or some other program that can edit vector files like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator–if you have one).

    Inkscape is free, by the way….

    Save the file as a DXF or SVG. Open in Silhouette Studio or RoboMaster. Cut!


    • Don’t download them by clicking on the photo. There are links under the various color combinations: see where it says ” And files for cutting: joined 016 balthasar cut 1 ; joined 016 balthasar cut 2 ; joined 016 balthasar cut 3 ; joined 016 balthasar cut 4″? Those are the PDFs.

      • Hi Erin
        I hope Carol’s instructions have helped you to generate the right files for your cutting machine. Below I have tried to explain about joining.
        The best way to understand the concept of the joined hearts is to look at the small hearts included on each pattern. Print two sets using two different colours. To make a joined heart you need two of the small heart pieces, one with a slid in the upper half and one with a slid in the lower. Make a “double” heart by joining the two pieces using the slid. Now the right part of the heart has one colour, the left another. Having learned this, proceed to the post “Joined Hearts” from November 13. 2010. Print e.g. the two pieces of “Joined Heart with Flower”. Crease and join first one side and then the other. When this is learned you may proceed to the “Kings”. Like the heart with the flower the kings are made from two pieces. But in this case each piece is made from two layers in two different colours. First fold and then insert one into the other (part 2 into part 1 and part 4 into part 3). Join as you learned previously. Joining the kings is however not quite easy. A point tends to become entangled with a foot and the crowns have a will of their own. Do not panic or get frustrated. Everything will come in place eventually. Just join using the slids little by little. It helps to do a little on one side and then on the other and then back etc.
        Seen from the side the joined baskets are more or less flat. At least they are meant to be. For your specific project you are of course free to cut the king basket into two and then glue him to the wooden rectangle – one piece on each side.

  5. These are simply gorgeous! We celebrate the Three Wise Men or Three Kings’ Day in our country and I’m teaching the tradition to my daughter. I’m going to try out one set and if they turn out easy for me (I’m not very talented like you ;), I’ll make one Wise Man for each kid at her class with a little note explaining how we celebrate the Epiphany.

    Thank you for brining these to all of us. I just LOVE them.

    • If you are in possession of a craft cutter making one king takes about 30 minutes – at least. Cutting many Wisemen by hand, I don’t think is feasible. Consider this – and although the idea may be fine I think an easier project should be planned. Possibly you may find a way to use the small coloured Wisemen you find at the bottom of the posts. The picture resolution is good.

  6. Hi there
    The above posts have been really useful – but I am still struggling. I had hoped that buying the designer edition of Silhouette (rather than using the free version) would help, as you cant use SVGs with the free edition. But when I import the file into silhouette studio as an SVG, it doesn’t recognise the lines as cut instructions, and I need to trace them – which for a line drawing such as this is a nightmare as I get double lines. Help!
    Thank you

    • Hi!
      When I want to cut something from one of the pdf(vector)-files I have on the blog, I do like this:
      I open a new document in Inkscape (free software) (A4 landscape usually). Then I import the pdf-file I want using highest resolution. Move it to the centre of the paper. This I save as a dxf-file “Using ROBO-master type of spline output”. The dxf-file I then open from Silhouette Studio. I set the paper size and “make” the lines to move them into the sheet. If it is to be very elegant I may select everything, “release”, remove the frame introduced, and “make” again. I may also rescale. Them I cut. The finished file I save as a studio-file to use again sometime. — This I do for my new Cameo. Maybe you have the Silhoette SD. That machine understands dxf-files too. And the circles this machines software produces are prettier than what the software for the Cameo produces. Lene

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