Joined Basket #020 Roses

Also this Joined Basket #020 is made just like Joined Heart with Flowers. Print the 4 sheets in the 4 different rose colours you like. Cut out. First join one face. Then use paperclips to keep the sheets in place. Now join the other – with patience. The stems are fragile. Use a little glue here and there along the center line to keep everything fixed in place. Add the handle.

And cut files: joined 20 cut 1 ; joined 20 cut 2 ; joined 20 cut 3 ; joined 20 cut 4

11 thoughts on “Joined Basket #020 Roses

      • I did it! was difficult but I find that it is not impossible, thank you very much for sharing your wonders and tell me where I can send a picture of the heart to tell me if it’s okay?

      • I need to put the pendant, but it’s easier, right? sticks hanging inside it? small hearts where they go? : s Do you speak spanish? sorry if you don’t understand me very well jajajaja 😉

        Tanya Cedillo Diseadora Grfica

        Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2012 16:24:53 +0000 To:

      • Sorry. I do not speak Spanish at all. You glue the handle (the strip of paper to hang the heart) inside the heart. You make the handle like this: Join two small hearts of different colour and fix with glue. Join two more but now the colors should be the other way around. Fix two narrow paper strips to one of the small hearts. Place everything flat on the table and add another heart at the other end of the paper strips. When dry fix the small hearts with the handle inside you heart basket so that the not so pretty side of the small hearts with the ends of the papers strips do not show.

      • If you look to the right side of the blog you will find som pictures. Scroll down to ‘heart with snowflake’. Press the picture and you will go to that post. Scroll down and here you will find a picture showing the inside of a joined heart.

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