Egg #003

This Egg #003 is just like Egg #001 and you plan, prepare and weave in the same way. Start making the two parts so that the end of the strips having the small holes form the centre. For this egg you must be very careful lining up when you weave. Already when you start weaving you must align the small holes in the two layers. But don’t despair if they do not make a perfect match. The egg might end up pretty nice anyway. However, to avoid complete disorder I did not make holes in the last part of the strips.

You need 2 x 10 strips to make the egg. I put an extra strip on the pages just in case something should go wrong when cutting.

When you have woven the first couple of layers of squares you will be able to figure out on which side the flowers will show. Round the egg accordingly. If you find that the shape of the egg is somewhat flat on top find a rounded object about 3 cm in diameter and press gently from the inside of the egg.

And here are files for cutting: egg003 cut 1 ; egg003 cut 2

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