Label Heart

Using the same principles as I used for designing Label #002 I also made a heart label. I found two heart labels woven together might do well for a Christmas basket. To allow space for the Christmas goodies I added side pieces.

When you first grasp the principle of weaving in the side pieces making this ornament is pretty easy. Watch the video on YouTube.

Cut out the ten pieces in the two colours you like. Place the 4 heart pieces, the 4 side pieces and the 2 handles on the table in front of you. Turn the pieces from Part 1 (my green) so that the point is downwards and the arms on the right side point upwards. Then turn the pieces from Part 2 (my red) in the same way making the arms on the right side point downwards. Crease the side pieces along the centre line. Take two of different colour (don’t turn) and layer them so that the side piece from Part 2 (my red) is on top. Weave together only the first row.  Do the same to the other side piece. Layer the two heart pieces in the same way (red on top) and weave all rows. At the point you twist and join the slids. Weave also the other heart. Now take one woven heart, rear side up (i.e. the one without the distinct heart). Now take a side piece (my red should be visible from the outside) and line it up so that it covers semicircle four, five and six counted from the point of the heart. Now twist the woven strips of the woven heart label open near the side piece and weave again, but now you are weaving all four layers together. If you have done this correctly then the colours should match and adding the side piece should be invisible from the front. Take the other heart label and do the same for the other half of the side piece. Now add the next side piece in the same way. Layer the two handles and add fixing with glue.

And the files for cutting: label heart cut 1; label heart cut 2

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