Cone 022 pattern 1

Cone #022

Cone #022 is another very simple cone. Somewhat more elaborate to cut out by hand than Cone #021, but just as easy to put together. And files for cutting: Cone 022 cut 1 ; Cone 022 cut 2

cone 021 011

Cone #021

Cone #021 is very simple and quick to make. I wanted to make a cone with horizontal stripes. First I made a woven cone. It was possible, but it took a long time to make and the result did not end up crisp and pretty.  So why not make it the simple and straight forward…

cone 020

Cone #020

Cone #020 is not so very difficult, but rather time consuming to make. A pair of tweezers is a good help.   Cone #020 is made from 5 pieces of paper. I used four colours for the hearts and gold for the spacing strips in both directions. Cut out all the pieces and line up…