Cone #021

cone 021 012

Cone #021 is very simple and quick to make. I wanted to make a cone with horizontal stripes. First I made a woven cone. It was possible, but it took a long time to make and the result did not end up crisp and pretty.  So why not make it the simple and straight forward way? The cone is joined or sliced from two pieces to generate the stripes. Then it is glued together with a spine in the back like other simple cones.

Cone 021 pattern 1 Cone 021 pattern 2

First cut out the pieces. Join using the slits. Score along the two large flaps. Crease the long flaps. Bend back the strips sticking out to the rear side and fix to the flap with glue.

cone 021 001cone 021 002cone 021 003

cone 021 004cone 021 005cone 021 006cone 021 007

Smear lots of glue on the two flaps, form the cone and press together. Allow to dry a little. Flatten the spine as much as you can using a knitting pin or like inside the cone to generate a back pressure. Cut and add a handle. One end should go on top of the flaps to help flatten the spine. Add the extra wide strip inside the cone and along the top edge. That will also help flattening the spine.

cone 021 008cone 021 009

cone 021 010cone 021 011

And files for cutting: Cone 021 cut 1 ; Cone 021 cut 2

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