portcullis back wider

Teddy’s Theatre: Floors and Portcullis

Teddy has got four new floors for his Theatre, a simple wooden floor, a black floor and a dark green wooden floor, and another with a carpet for his tent. Also included is a loose front making it possible to change floors without totally dismantling the theatre. In addition he has got a portcullis, front…


Teddy in Tuscany

Teddy and I were roaming sunny Tuscany for the past week in pursuit of perspective and beauty. We walked up and down the winding streets of San Gimignano, sought out the best frescoes in the churches and observed fierce flag tossing at the square. Later we visited Pisa, climbed up the worn marble steps of…


Teddy’s Theatre: Spider Set

The Enchanted Forest is inhabited by giant spiders. The spiders are loosely fixed to the web by entangling their legs. Move the spiders around and add as many as you like. You may use the Spider Set as an overlay for the Enchanted Forest Set or any other location you want to make scary. You…

clouds wing

Teddy’s Theatre: Cloud Set

Teddy is much fascinated by old fashioned cloud machinery. Unfortunately his Theatre is not steady enough to support a heavy flexible gadget. Teddy must make do with a fixed set up. You find the set pieces at the Theatre Page. When you cut out, take care to take away all of the darker line along the openings.

tent front 1

Teddy’s Theatre: Tente d’Agamemnon

Visiting Drottningholm we were so lucky to acquire a copy of Barbro Stribolt’s Scenery from Swedish Court Theatres. The book includes reproductions of all still existing set pieces from the time of Gustav III and some sketches. Teddy studied the book carefully and decided that the set pieces he liked best were those of Tente…