Teddy at Drottningholm

Teddy and I went to Stockholm to study Swedish court theatres and royal follies from the time of Gustav III. In particular Teddy wanted to check out the theatre at Drottningholm Palace. We had a thorough look and even went back stage and pulled the ropes of the thunder machine. Later we admired the Chinese…

Teddy’s Theatre: Cogwheels

Teddy is very curious about the Enchanted Forest and has decided to explore it. He has left the sunny path and ventured into the unknown. Soon he discovers that everything is not quite natural nor logic. You will find print files for the set on the Theatre Page.

Introducing Don Angelo

After many requests for more actors in Teddy’s Theatre ensemble I am now proud to introduce DON ANGELO a Venetian actor. Here he is dressed as a Buddhist Monk, a Great Mogul, and a Snake Charmer. Print size 12% will fit an A4 theatre.