Star 007

Star #007 Woven

Star #007 is woven and made in the same way as Star #001. This star has, however, six points in order to make the pattern fit. The individual points are rather stressing to make. They are simple to weave but until everything has fallen into place they look like a mess. If you have tried…

star 006 e

Star #006 Cut

Star #006 is made using the joining principle. The process takes some time, but it is not difficult. Cut out 12 pieces in 6 different colours, two of each. First make the 12 five faced points by scoring along the dotted lines, creasing, and gluing using the narrow slip. Take care that they all swirl…

star 005

Star #005 Woven

This Star #005 is just like Star #002. It may be a little more difficult to weave. In particular you must take care not to tear the narrow strips, when you strive to fit a fat and folded strip through a narrow loop. And a file for cutting: star 005 cut

star 004

Star #004 Cut

  Star #004 is much like Star #003. I have, however, made the central point a little longer than the rest. I think the star looks more in balance this way. The outer colour is yellow, the inner is orange. The sunlight makes the star glow. And files for cutting: star 004 short cut 1 ;…

star 003 3

Star #003 Cut

This star is just cut, not woven. Each point is made from 2 layers. To make the pattern fit the inner point is a little smaller, than the outer. Make the star following the directions on the first sheet for printing. And cut files: star 003 cut 1 ; star 003 cut 2

star 002

Star #002 Woven

For Star #002 I have applied the Gingerbread pattern. The process is much like described for Star #001. However, it pays to score and crease all 3 lines indicated on the sheet. Unfold the 2 longer creases before you start weaving. During weaving you will be required to pass a wide strip through a small…